What is Water Fitness?

Looking for water exercise classes in your area? Great! There are a few places that have offer classes and/or open time when you can do your own exercises. First, let's go over the terminology so you can determine what type of class you need:

Shallow Water Aquatic Training
Exercise typically performed in a vertical position in a water depth of waist to chest level. PROS: More like "land exercise", great for non- swimmers,less likely to get your hair wet. Semi-Pros: Still some impact on joints,some get chilly with their shoulders out of the water, shoes are highly recommended.

Deep Water Aquatic Training
Exercise performed in water depths that allow the participant to remain vertical and yet not touch the pool bottom. Flotation equipment typically utilized to maintain correct alignment.PROS: Zero impact exercise, lots of water resistance, shoulders stay in the water, shoes optional (well.. in my classes anyway.) Semi-Pros:hair may get wet in the back,you will need some core strength the hold the positions, may not be comfortable for non-swimmers.

Another factor to consider when you are looking for a class is the pool temperature:

Warm Water Pool: 90 degrees or more. Great for anyone who is very temperature sensitive and/or has a chronic issue where water temperature can be a deal breaker. Also, if you are temp sensitive, make sure the pool is indoors. Warm Water pools are not always easy to find - Try Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, UCLA South Pool Aquatics, CompletePT - WestLA

Heated Pool - 78-90 degrees. Most pools fall into this category.

Now that you have some information, you will need to find a class that is right for you. You can go online or call facilities to see what classes they offer.

YMCA - YMCAs with a pool usually have a variety of water classes - from arthritis to advanced aqua. Check online for the schedules at www.ymcala.org

Universities and Colleges - If they have a pool, they probably offer water classes to the community. UCLA Recreation, Santa Monica College, Los Angeles Valley College

Los Angeles City Recreational Centers with a pool.

Aquatic Facilities - check your local listing

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