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Not My Mama's Salmon Cake with Quinoa and Lime Dressing

People always ask what I eat between aquatic fitness class that gives me so much energy- here it is!  A quick note them I am back in the pool.  2 more classes today. #eatingrightnow

Drinking water when you are in (and out) of the pool and other riddles....

Grab a cup of water and let's chat.
Most of my aquatic fitness class participants and clients kinda laugh at me because I drink over 1 liter of water per class (my bladder is trained to hold for about 2 hours). They ask " why drink water when you are in the water?' Well, most nutritionists agree that water is the best thirst quencher. Our bodies are made up of 70% water and if we don't drink enough to replenish what's lost on a warm, sunny day at the pool, then we can become tired, moody and find it difficult to concentrate. I don't want moody students and you don't want an instructor is moody and tired so we all need to drink more water.

I know that during aquatic fitness class some my students don't want to drink water during class because they will (and hopefully they do ) have to get out of the pool to urinate. I appreciate that!
After class is great time to replenish if you have this concern. But many people tell me they don't drink water AT ALL ANYTIME because they do not like the taste. Or they say water is "boring". I get that, but we still need water! So here are some things I have done -

1. Make the water drinking fun - Try adding colorful straws, ice cubes etc. The straws make it easier to drink water quickly. Get a cute water bottle cheap from Target, CVS or Homegoods. Next time your pool or gym offers free water bottles, grab one.
2. Give yourself a goal - Make it reasonable, like adding a cup of water to every meal, taking a sip from each water fountain you see. Drink a glass of water during commercials. Start small to see big results
3. Make DIY Fruit Waters - Delicious and beautiful. Monica's recipe calls for fresh fruit, I personally use frozen fruit for my DIY waters, but I am sure fresh fruit is wonderful!
4. Want to add some kick to that water? - add chili powder and lime. It is like having a Thai soup without the veggies. Or try ginger root warmed in hot water then chilled - it is spicy but refreshing!
5. Need more exotic ideas? Try adding a little vinegar - ACV or White Balsamic Fig Infused Vinegar. The fig infused vinegar in cool water will rock your world. This is also a good one - take a couple pieces of star anise and drop them in your water bottle and just leave them there the whole day. Also, bitters can make water interesting as well - try adding a little of your favorite or try Angostura bitters.

I have tried all of these and like most, you will need to find what works for you and your tastes. As always, ask your medical professional before you change or add anything to your diet.

I bet you did not know how interesting and exotic water could be so get a cup and explore. See you at the pool, Mel

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